Gun Crime & Ownership Facts [Infographic]

Written on April 15, 2013 – 4:40 pm | by Brian Wallace |

Gun control is a hot topic in the United States. Opponents of increased gun control claim that clamping down on guns will leave law-abiding citizens no way to defend themselves against violent attackers while supporters of greater gun control point to international statistics demonstrating that countries with more gun control generally have fewer gun deaths. 

But this isn’t always the case. For example, Switzerland has the third highest per capita gun ownership in the world, and it doesn’t have nearly the number of violent deaths that the United States has. Clearly, it is not just a matter of whether people do or don’t own guns.

The United States does have a unique relationship with guns that makes it different from places like Switzerland. Guns are deeply embedded in the culture. In some parts of the United States, gun ownership has always been common for hunting. Almost every state allows concealed weapons. For whatever reason, however, the rate of gun deaths in the United States ranks alongside those of developing countries with high crime rates such as Jamaica and Colombia rather than with its European counterparts. 

So what is the cause, and what is the solution? Read the infographic for yourself to draw your own conclusions.




























































Via: Instant Checkmate

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