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3 Big Brands That Hit It Out of the Park with Blogger Design Collaborations

Friday, March 20th, 2015 |

It’s a no-brainer that brands everywhere are partnering up with bloggers to boost their profile and sales. According to Social Media Today, 74% of global marketers say they will use ‘influence marketing’ as part of their marketing strategy in the next 12 months. Brands see how a photograph (otherwise known as styled snap) can sell an item out faster than any other form of marketing, so they’re learning to capitalize on this influence more than ever before. If a styled snap from a blogger can push product out the door that fast, collaborating on a clothing line featuring the blogger makes even more sense.

As it turns out, brands are having huge success with this less used form of influencer marketing, using platforms like The Shelf to amplify their awareness. Below, we dive into three design collaborations where fashion bloggers were used to push product out the door – or out of online shopping carts – faster than lightning.

elin klingPhoto: Elin Kling

Elin Kling for H&M

From day one Elin Kling treated her blog like a business. “In Sweden, every third girl is running a blog,” says Kling about the blogging scene in Sweden. The ambitious Swedish style blogger was successful from day one because she was strategic with her approach to the blogging business. Kling says, “I never had my blog just on my own platform. It’s always been hosted by different TV stations or newspapers I was working for.” She adds, “I felt I needed to reach out to more people than only the crowd that reads fashion blogs.”

In February of 2011, Kling entered into her first design partnership with retailer heavyweight, H&M. Elin Kling for H&M was the retailer’s first ever collection designed in partnership with a blogger. Available only in select H&M stores in Sweden, the 11-piece collection was minimalistic and raw but with bohemian elements. A personal reflection of Kling’s style, the collection brought a fresh approach to the retailer’s more mainstream aesthetic.

sunday somewherePhoto: Rumi Neely

Fashion Toast for Sunday Somewhere

Rumi Neely of style blog, Fashion Toast, is one impressive woman and exemplifies all the sought-after blogger qualities: beauty, brains, an edgy yet laid-back style and one witty personality to boot. The ultimate California girl, her blog is a sartorial feed filled with West Coast style snaps you could literally peruse over for hours. It’s no surprise that just about every brand wants to work with her and every girl wants to be her.

Her blog was founded in 2008 in tandem with her eBay vintage store called “Treasure Chest Vintage.” Just one year after launching her blog, she was getting 35,000 hits per day. Today, her blog receives over 5.5 million hits per month, making her site one of the most highly trafficked in her industry.

Going for a design collaboration was a natural next step for Neely. In 2014, she partnered up with accessible casual-luxury brand, Sunday Somewhere, to create two pairs of trendy sunglasses. With great attention to detail, the sunnies stood out from the average pair with rose gold detailing, all leather and matte metallics. The combination of Neely’s influence and using Net-A-Porter as a platform for selling the sunglasses, they were sold out in no time. Neely hasn’t stopped there, though. She just launched her self-funded clothing line, Are You Am I, a play on words of her first name. The collection is a true reflection of her personal style, embracing West Coast influences and a minimalist aesthetic mixed with the edgy details she is so known for.

cupcakes and cashmere

Photo: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere for Coach

Boasting over 5 million pageviews a month, Emily Schuman’s blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, is a beautiful space for her to share life’s little pleasures. Schuman inspires her readers through her daily musings on fashion, beauty, décor, DIY and food. She’s an incredibly diverse full time blogger, having participated in many brand partnerships, consultation work, design collaborations, and her very own book launch.

In her first stint as a designer, she partnered up with accessible luxury brand, Coach, to create her very own limited-edition handbag. Playing off of West Coast vibes, Schuman’s bag was feminine pastel pink with a gold chain and leather strap. Clearly a smart move on Coach’s part, they tapped four bloggers in total for this campaign and garnered some serious blog lovin’ from the whole thing.

But this wasn’t Schuman’s only crack at the design game. In 2014, she also teamed up with modern luxury brand, Club Monaco, on an exclusive capsule collection that was both classic and understated sexy. Each piece was a perfect reflection of Schuman’s style and garnered some serious attention from her fans and friends.

Though blogger clothing lines are just on the rise, we’ve already seen how much success brands are garnering from this untapped form of influencer marketing. What are your favorite blogger-brand design collaborations?

Tweens Go Social: How Kids Are Using Social Media

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 |

Kids as young as 6 years old routinely have cell phones, many of them have smartphones, and almost all of them have access to computers and the internet.  This infographic details how kids are accessing the internet, what they are doing once they’re on there, and what parents can do to monitor their usage.

Trending Tweens: How Kids Use Social Media Infographic

Infographic by FashionPlaytes

Hacking the Mind [Infographic]

Monday, March 11th, 2013 |

As a general rule, people try to think the best of others and not assume they’re up to no good.  But in some cases, kindhearted people open themselves up to hacking by trying to help out their fellow man.

While I’m not saying that you should always assume the worst in others, I strongly encourage you to be more aware of social engineering and the schemes they use to draw you into their hoax.  One good place to start your education on this subject is by reading this infographic. Presented by Veracode, it explains some of the tactics of these social engineers and offers ways to protects against them.

Hacking the Mind with Social Engineering

Infographic by Veracode Application Security


The 5 Biggest Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012

Friday, January 11th, 2013 |

Sometimes all it takes is a good idea to make it big….okay, a good idea and a lot of money.  Just ask the creators of websites like Pinterest and Twitter what it took to make these sites what they are today.  This infographic, presented by BestFinanceSchools, takes a look at the 5 Biggest Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012; who they are, what it took to make their sites successful, and more.  Check it out below.

The Top 5 Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012
Image compliments of Best Finance Schools

The State of Infographics [Infographic]

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 |

Have you ever finished reading something and realized you didn’t really remember any of what you just read?  Sometimes when information is presented solely in a textual format we have problems retaining the information.

Luckily, for people like us, infographics exist. Infographics provide a visual representation of information, data or knowledge.  By presenting information this way, you’re more likely to remember what you saw.  For this reason, and many others, infographics are steadily growing in popularity and have become a wonderful marketing tool.

Check out this infographic from TopMarketingSchools as it looks at some of the topics, trends and numbers behind recent infographics.

State of Infographics
Image compliments of Top Marketing Schools

The Presidential Battle In The Mobile App World [Infographic]

Friday, November 2nd, 2012 |

Mobile Apps are all the rage in sharing who you’re voting for in this year’s Presidential election. StartApp has presented an infographic detailing just how important they are.

Obama vs Romney Mobile [Infographic]
© 2012 StartApp

Facebook Psychology [Infographic]

Friday, November 2nd, 2012 |

Are you addicted to the internet? You could be if you if have a preoccupation with the internet or internet gaming for more than 38 hours a week, withdraw symptoms when the internet is not available, loss of other interests, and unsuccessful attempts to control use.

Some people think that internet addiction (IAD) is not a real issue, but in China, Taiwan, and Korea as much as 30% of teens are considered internet addicted. IAD is being treated as “a grave national health crisis” and researchers in Taiwan linked ADHD and hostility to internet addiction in children. In 2013, the United States will mark internet addiction as a ‘real’ disorder as well.

To learn more about internet addiction check out the infographic below presented by Best Master’s in Psychology.

Facebook Psychology
Image compliments of Best Masters in Psychology

Who is More Social? Android or iOS Users? [Infographic]

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 |

We live in a world that is dominated by mobility and social media. Almost everyone has a smartphone and almost everyone uses some form of social media, and the two are used together quite often. The question is, out of the two most popular smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS, which users are the most social?

This infographic presented by Startapp compares users of the two operating systems to see what apps are being used most by each as well as download rates and other statistics. Check it out below to learn more.

Who is More Social? iOS vs Android [Infographic]
courtesy of StartApp

It’s Alive! The Social Media Monster

Monday, September 24th, 2012 |

We are all guilty of spending too much time on Facebook and/or Twitter. You go on there just to check one thing and then spend an hour creeping on your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. However, when you are in your home with nothing to do it seems a little more acceptable then while you’re at work.

This infographic presented by RedeApp illustrates how distracting social media can be in the workforce. Check it out below, and then don’t forget to log off Facebook and Twitter and get some work done!

How Much Emphasis Should MBA Programs Place on Social Media?

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 |

For students earning an MBA degree, courses in social media trends have become an integral part of the curriculum. To capitalize on this growing marketing segment, some universities are even offering Social Media MBAs. Rutgers University, according to U.S. News and World Report, has started to offer what it calls a “mini-MBA” in social media marketing. Southern New Hampshire University has offered a Social Media Marketing MBA since 2010, and New England College has just launched an online MBA degree in Digital and Social Media.

Social media has become an increasingly more important way of communicating with customers. Nearly one in five customers, according to an American Express survey, has used social media to obtain a response to a customer service inquiry. At the same time, many businesses struggle with social media strategy, and schools of business aren’t uniformly preparing their graduates to meet the challenge. According to a Huffington Post blog, over one-third of the Top 25 business schools have no course offerings related to social media. Only one of those schools requires students to take a social media course before graduation.

Six in 10 executives say that today’s business school graduates do not have the skills needed to protect a company’s reputational credibility. However, an entire MBA focused on social media marketing equates with overkill. Students should absolutely understand how to conduct market research, generate leads, improve products and mount effective campaigns based on social media and social media feedback. However, social media is only one aspect of a successful marketing strategy.

The key to digital marketing transcends social media. Students should take a required social media course, particularly one that focuses on analytics. When students understand the basic indicators of a successful social media campaign and know how to monitor online conversations about their company, they can turn social media analytics into actionable objectives that will positively impact the bottom line. Of course, most of today’s students already know how to use multiple social media channels. To their tweeting and posting savvy, they need to add an understanding of how social media affects all aspects of a business, including customer service, sales and reputation management.

At the same time, schools that offer entire Social Media MBAs may be latching onto a buzzword instead of offering something of marketable value. Students need to know how to reach different types of customers across multiple platforms that include web advertising, SMS and email along with social media marketing. An MBA focusing on the entire spectrum of customer relationship management is even more important in today’s world than just a simplistic emphasis on social media.

Customers who engage with companies via social media tend to be highly engaged brand evangelists. However, the most vocal customers aren’t necessarily the customers who spend the most money. The most qualified marketing MBAs will understand how to engage based on a holistic view of the customer. This larger view is something that a myopic Social Media MBA won’t deliver.

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