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You Have the Right to Remain Stupid [Infographic]

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Laws are put in place (hopefully) for the good of the people, but there are some laws that are just plain bizarre. Take one of Alabama’s laws, for example, that says it is illegal to exploit bears. Or the law in Rhode Island that has made it illegal for someone to bite of another person’s leg or any other limb. It makes one wonder what happened to make these laws necessary!

If you’d like to learn about more crazy and bizarre laws in the United States, check out this cool infographic from

9 Bizarre Laws From the U.S.

5 Health Lessons We Can Learn from Robin Roberts [Infographic]

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

At this moment, there are millions of Americans fighting cancer. It is estimated that there will be 1,660,290 new cancer cases in 2013.  One helpful way of dealing with sickness like this is to learn from those who have gone through it before you. Take Robin Roberts for example. She is best known as the co-anchor on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” but she has endured both breast cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome. This infographic provides five lessons we can learn from her and her fight against cancer. Presented by InsuranceQuotes.

5 health lessons we can learn from Robin Roberts [Infographic]


From: Bankrate Insurance’s

Superbugs [Infographic]

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Our overuse and misuse of antibiotics is creating superbugs. Where exactly do superbugs comes from? Traditionally, bacteria are not resistant to antiobiotics. However, when bacteria’s DNA mutate and adapt, some of these mutations can make the bacterium resistant to antibiotics. The resistant bacteria then multiply and thrive.

Check out the infographic below presented by to learn more about superbugs and their dangers.

Superbugs: How We're Making Harmful Bacteria Stronger With Antibiotics

Why Cats are Better than Men [Infographic]

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

No one argues the fact that relationships are hard work, but some relationships just need to be ended.  So, ladies, the next time you’re less than awesome ex-boyfriend  tries to get back together with you, just get a cat instead.

This infographic clearly depicts why cats are better than men while also warning against becoming a crazy “cat lady.” Presented by
Infographic: Why Cats are Better than Men
Why Cats are Better than Men by

Dog Bites and Home Insurance Claims [Video Infographic]

Monday, March 25th, 2013

You probably never thought that a dog bite might affect your home insurance, but it certainly can. In 2011, dog bites represented more than one-third of home insurance liability claims paid in the U.S. The total bill? Nearly $479 million, according to the Insurance Information Institute, with the average payout surpassing $29,000.

Check out the video infographic below to learn more about dog bites and home insurance claims.

Courtesy of InsuranceQuotes

Is Stress Killing You? [Infographic]

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

There are almost innumerable ways that one could die, but would anyone choose stress as their cause of death? It’s doubtful to say the least. Though no one enjoys stress, there  is an alarming number of individuals within the United States suffering from chronic stress.

In this infographic, looks at what kinds of stressors are wreaking havoc on the health of Americans and what you can do to decrease its harmful impact on your life and relationships.

Is Stress Killing You?

The Most Tried and Failed Small Businesses [Infographic]

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Locally owned shops and restaurants can add more character (and hipsters) to a town than one might imagine. Even though locally owned small businesses can be trendy hangouts, they tend to struggle to make it financially. It is estimated that about half of small businesses fail within the first year while 95 percent fail within five years.

Despite these realities, there is still hope for those looking to open a small business. This infographic from deals with a few types of high-risk small businesses and gives counsel for making those small businesses succeed.

The Most Tried and Failed Small Businesses

Optimizing the Home Healthcare System [Infographic]

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Home healthcare organizations provide a wide range of home-based services for those who are unable to care for themselves without assistance. This sector of healthcare is growing and being optimized fairly well. Check out the infographic below presented by ClickSoftware to learn more about the optimization of home healthcare.

One Nation Under Gov [Infographic]

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Access to free public education is considered one of our greatest rights as Americans, but how effective is our education system? As it turns out, the US ranks 17th overall in high school graduation rates around the world, with students in Latvia, Chile and Brazil making academic gains at a rate three times faster than American students. In fact, 93 percent of students in Finland graduate high school (compared to 70.5 percent of Americans), despite Finland spending 30 percent less on education!

Some of the major problems with our education system stem from the No Child Left Behind Act, nobly designed to help expand standards and accountability in our schools. The program aims to ensure 100 percent of children will be proficient in math and reading by 2014. The reality is, unfortunately, that 100 percent proficiency is a nearly impossible standard that is never met by any country. Now, since school funding is often based on standardized test scores, numerous reports of cheating scandals have come up throughout the country, while test scores have remained largely unchanged.

The infographic below presented by includes much more data about the effects of No Child Left Behind and also talks about tenure for teachers, another attempt at improving our schools which has unseen (largely negative) consequences. How do you feel about the state of the US education system? Make your voice heard in the comments below!

One Nation Under GOV

Doomsday: Would You Survive? [Infographic]

Friday, March 15th, 2013

When preparing for the end of the world, what does one stock up on? It’s not just non-perishables that are important. Sustainable resources and useful skill sets are the kinds of things that separate the survivors from everyone else.

Access to clean water is a must, but other factors come into play as well. Raising livestock is an effective way to gain reliable access to not only meat, but eggs, milk, and fur as well.

Knowledge in medicine, firearms, building and self defense will all come in handy in life after the end of the world.
In this infographic, National Geographic looks at the best way to prep for the end of the world as we know it.

Doomsday: Would You Survive?
Source: National Geographic

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