The Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]

Written on October 25, 2012 – 4:10 pm | by Brian Wallace |

College campuses are developing quickly with the help of digital signs pushing them forward into the future. No longer are digital boards confined to the classroom as smartboards; they are being implemented and used all over campuses everywhere.

From community and campus information boards, schedules, advertising and menus, digital signage is the new look for college campuses. Events won’t be overlooked and “math tutor needed” pages won’t be lost under the cork board of advertisements. Now, everything is easily organized into sections, and nothing gets forgotten.

Most college campuses keep safety as a number one priority and offer alerts for anything that may be dangerous to students.And because these boards can be updated instantly, there is no wait time to get messages through. Affixed all over campuses, the word can get out quickly and efficiently, whether it be serious weather, security concerns, or fire, students will always be in the know.

Check out the infographic below presented by Digital Signage Today to learn more.

Digital Signage: Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]
Digital Signage Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]
Compliments of Digital Signage Today

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