The Art of Social Media War

Written on November 12, 2009 – 8:30 pm | by SilentJay74 |

As a known Social Media enthusiast, I’m privy to a ton of information. I stand on the sidelines of various Social Media realms and watch as drama unfolds. I find that it’s usually the best thing to do when two opposing forces in Social Media go head to head. It’s not that I’m disloyal, don’t get me wrong, but rather that I prefer to not get involved.  “Jay not get involved? Since when is Jay a pacifist? I thought Jay was a Marine!” Well, yeah, I choose which battles to fight, especially when it comes to elite Diggers throwing down on each other.


I refuse to name names, that wouldn’t be classy of me. I am, however, going to give a run down on how the battle has been fought; it’s actually been quite interesting.

It all started with Google. Yeah, you heard right, Google. Google has been posting Sesame Street / Google Logos all week to celebrate Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary. As anyone who is an internet junkie knows, Google tends to do this sort of thing to celebrate milestones or holidays.

One Digger, with a good ratio I might add, had been placing these images on his site, and submitting the new image each day to Digg from his site.  Another Digger saw it but had also submitted the image directly from Google. The first Digger (Digger A) cried Dupe! In doing so he went after the other Digger (Digger B) and reported the image to Digg. Well, things got real nasty.

Name calling ensued in a chat and before you know it Digger A got Digger B banned. A fine line was crossed in the whole ordeal.  Digger A was posting the images on his site, some people calling him out for “Blogspam,” but he considered the images a place holder as Google would change them everyday. Digger B, being an old school Digger, had linked to the original source.  Digger A did not care, he was mad over the whole dupe ordeal. Things escalated sverely after that.

With the banning of Digger B, being an old school Digger, things did not look well for the upstart. I even shot a friendly warning to Digger A. “Hey man, he is old school, watch your step, his loyalties run deep.” I guess my warning fell on deaf ears. The name calling and threats continued. Digger A then lashed out at other people in the chat who were making lighthearted jokes about the situation. With a line in the sand already drawn, my advice would have been not to upset everyone else.

Elsewhere, other old-school Diggers heard of Digger B’s banning at the hands of Digger A. Things do not look well for Digger A. Yesterday his account was banned from Digg, his site is under DDOS attack, a satire blog has been erected to forever mock him and a lot of people in the Social Media Community are upset with him.

You guys still with me on the whole A/B thing?

Many mistakes were made during this dis-agreement.

1. If you do have an issue with someone’s submission, especially a dupe, approach the individual who duped you. If the individual will not take down his submission, make a friendly game out of. (Okay, first one to the FP wins, loser buys a beer at next meet up.)

2. Social Media or Social News Sites are just that, Social! Play well with others. Do not soil your name and give yourself a bad reputation.

3. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Sound familiar? It should. Same rules apply to any war if you expect to win. If you do have a rival, find out his mistakes and exploit them if need be, but it must be done in a way that keeps you squeaky clean. Name calling and bashing only makes you look bad.

4. KNOW YOUR ENEMY! Good Intel is always key to winning any war. Know who is loyal to them and their amount of influence. Crossing one person could mean crossing more people than you realize.You must also know the level of your rivals technical skill — there are a lot of good hackers out there. Do your homework!

5. Be prepared to defend yourself and your brand. A good defense is also a great offense.

6. Never, Never, Ever, write a check your butt can’t cash. If you have to resort to threats, make sure you can carry them out. Empty threats make you lose credibility.

Hopefully you should never have to deploy any of these tactics. Just like real life, most small conflicts can be settled using a good attitude, and a little respect.

Then again, The Internet is serious business.

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  1. 13 Responses to “The Art of Social Media War”

  2. By The Dude Dean on Nov 12, 2009 | Reply

    A year from now this will be even funnier than it is now.

  3. By Emitstop on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Someone “duped” him (by linking to the actual image on Google, whereas Digger A’s was reposted onto his own blog). He of course turned around and alerted Digg support, which led to Digger B being banned.

    Here is why (among several other things) Digger A got banned (the names have been changed)

    [11:42:33 AM] Digger A: and you did unfriend me on digg
    [11:42:47 AM] Digger A: and you didn’t bother to answer my IMs for a whole week
    [11:42:53 AM] Digger A: and usually you are very nice to me
    [11:43:05 AM] lisa: I want to be left out of this debase activity
    [11:43:22 AM] Digger A: I didn’t ask about that, just your own actions
    [11:44:57 AM] Digger A:
    [11:45:00 AM] Digger A: digg those two for me
    [11:45:13 AM] Digger A: if you can’t digg them or won’t digg them
    [11:45:17 AM] Digger A: that means you buried them
    [12:07:20 PM] Digger A: and if you are a friend those two diggs shouldn’t be a problem
    [12:07:22 PM] Digger A: right?
    [12:07:34 PM] Digger A: So where are the diggs?
    [12:07:40 PM] Digger A: because i dont see them
    [12:10:10 PM] Digger A: anything you sub from now on gets buried unless I see that you can digg those two subs
    [12:16:21 PM] lisa: i will tell the Digg .com people about this
    [12:41:46 PM] Digger A: about what?
    [12:41:52 PM] Digger A: turn about is fair play
    [12:41:56 PM] Digger A: you want to play games with me
    [12:42:03 PM] Digger A: I’ll play them back
    [12:42:26 PM] Digger A: So you show your true colors
    [12:44:03 PM] Digger A: Email digg and tell them that you were burying me
    [12:44:07 PM] Digger A: and that I called you out on it
    [12:44:16 PM] Digger A: and they’ll tell you tough shit
    [12:45:41 PM] Digger A: and IF you were my friend you would be able to digg those two links
    [12:45:48 PM] Digger A: but thats a BIG IF right?
    [12:47:06 PM] lisa: I told YOU that I will NOT be bullied
    [12:47:20 PM] Digger A: well if YOU were my friend
    [12:47:26 PM] Digger A: the diggs wouldn’t be a problem
    [12:47:27 PM] lisa: I have not Dugg you and U have NOT dugg me. for 2 weeks
    [12:47:31 PM] lisa: manybe
    [12:47:32 PM] Digger A: but since you can’t digg them
    [12:47:36 PM] Digger A: I assume you buried them
    [12:47:37 PM] lisa: dont know
    [12:47:42 PM] Digger A: FUCK YOU
    [12:47:43 PM] lisa: I do not make war
    [12:47:44 PM] Digger A: uyou dumped me
    [12:47:49 PM] Digger A: why should I digg you
    [12:47:58 PM] Digger A: thats NOT what it looks like to me
    [12:48:11 PM] Digger A: I used to always digg you
    [12:48:14 PM] Digger A: you dumped me
    [12:48:16 PM] Digger A: I dumped you
    [12:48:28 PM] lisa: I make LOVE
    I do NOT like this type of BAD behavior! now! I sugggest you apologize this moment to me!
    [12:48:41 PM] Digger A: You want me to apologize?
    [12:48:45 PM] Digger A: where are the diggs?
    [12:48:53 PM] Digger A: you buried me and you want an apology from me?
    [12:48:59 PM] Digger A: Get real
    [12:49:37 PM] lisa: I did not dump anyone I am in love with a real man! not some maurding terroristic a hole that likes to threaten females! How freaking DARE you!
    [12:50:03 PM] Digger A: You dumped me on digg
    [12:50:20 PM] lisa: I have NEVER EVER burried anyone EVER
    NOT my STYLE!
    [12:50:31 PM] Digger A: then two diggs to prove it shouldnt be a problem
    [12:50:42 PM] Digger A: then explain why I am NOT on yoru list
    [12:51:23 PM] lisa: NO diggs YOU did not Digg mine either! Stop being a spoiled brat!
    I mean it!
    I was very nice to you.
    [12:51:34 PM] Digger A: Well best of luck on digg then
    [12:51:44 PM] Digger A: You have to prove yourself to me
    [12:51:46 PM] lisa: I liked reading your Diggs cause most of them are where I am from!
    [12:51:48 PM] Digger A: you are proving that youa re a troll
    [12:51:52 PM] lisa: I MISS reading them
    [12:52:02 PM] Digger A: well you havent explained yourself at all
    [12:52:13 PM] Digger A: you look like a backstabbign two faced bitch to me
    [12:52:13 PM] lisa: but I do not appreciate ypu misbehaviour
    [12:52:18 PM] Digger A: nor I yours
    [12:53:01 PM] Digger A: I ask you for two diggs
    [12:53:12 PM] Digger A: prove to me that you AREnt an asshole
    [12:53:17 PM] Digger A: should be a very easy thing to do
    [12:53:26 PM] Digger A: and something we don’t have to type a novel about
    [12:53:32 PM] Digger A: actions speak louder than words
    [12:53:48 PM] Digger A: you can either digg those two links and prove you are a friendly
    [12:53:49 PM] Digger A: or you can’t
    [12:54:04 PM] Digger A: and once you bury them, you can’t digg them
    [12:55:02 PM] Digger A: and I always dugg you up until you dumped me on digg
    [12:55:51 PM] lisa: Dont write any more I will tell Digg . com your terrorism
    [12:56:01 PM] Digger A: hahaahaha good luck little girl
    [12:56:48 PM] Digger A: I gave you a chance to prove yourself
    [12:56:50 PM] Digger A: and you can’t
    [12:57:03 PM] lisa: what do u want me to do?
    [12:57:15 PM] Digger A: I asked for two diggs
    [12:57:27 PM] Digger A:
    [12:57:38 PM] Digger A: these two diggs show me that you aren’t an asshole
    [12:57:48 PM] Digger A: I dont care about your loft words and your grammer
    [12:58:00 PM] Digger A: actions count louder than anything you say
    [12:58:49 PM] lisa: Maybe i will do 1
    [12:59:04 PM] Digger A: i said 2
    [12:59:05 PM] Digger A: both
    [12:59:05 PM] lisa: as I was a beliverf in comprmising
    [12:59:17 PM] Digger A: I am not giving you an option
    [12:59:26 PM] Digger A: 2 diggs prove you are innocent
    [12:59:37 PM] Digger A: and we can put this behind us
    [1:00:36 PM] Digger A: and you didn’t explain why it as that you dumped me two weeks ago
    [1:07:27 PM] Digger A: So let me see if I got this right
    [1:07:38 PM] Digger A: you dump me on digg, bury me, and expect an apology for it?
    [1:08:07 PM] lisa: when did i burry? never did that to anyone ever
    [1:08:25 PM] Digger A: then where are those two diggs?
    [1:08:37 PM] Digger A: should be a very easy thing to do if you are innocent
    [1:08:45 PM] Digger A: links are right there
    [1:11:23 PM] Digger A: you see if you WEREN’T Burying me
    [1:11:30 PM] Digger A: you Can digg those two links
    [1:11:39 PM] Digger A: BUT if you WERE, you CAN’T
    [1:13:43 PM] Digger A: I take it you are talking to Ed about me
    [1:13:49 PM] Digger A: what comes around goes around
    [1:13:55 PM] Digger A: it was a real pleasure knowing you
    [4:54:19 PM] Digger A: all class lisa
    [4:54:24 PM] Digger A: your a cunt
    [4:57:47 PM] Digger A: You show your TRUE Colors

  4. By Jamie Mack on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Uhmm…wow, just, wow.

  5. By The Dude Dean on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Digger B was asked to Digg Digger A, then he decided it would be cool to Dupe Digger A

  6. By Blaise on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Sounds like some people never left the playground behind.

  7. By David Leonhardt on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Good grief. Dupes happen all the time. What’s the big deal?

  8. By Kelsey on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Wow….this doesn’t make sense at all. Pretty stupid and immature, I’d say.

  9. By Teasastips on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Boys, boys, put away your toys and settle this like men…

  10. By supernova17 (Digger B) on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Just FYI. TheDudeDean is not on my gtalk and he never asked me to digg anything. I removed his sorry ass from my gtalk list a long time ago. I would like to see that log if he indeed asked me to digg anything.

    I linked to the original source that would never change, all special Google logos are kept on their servers forever. End of story. So what’s the lesson here? Next time think twice before going after someone, especially on the Internet.

  11. By Fat Lester on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Interesting commentary. I always enjoy when Silent Jay chimes in on matters of this sort.

    I hate to see people get banned. IMO, it shouldn’t have to come to that. It was a freaking DUPE SUBMISSION for crying out loud!

    If you find someone submitting a duplicate submission to be so heinous as to lead to this, getting outside the house or office is probably a good move. Perhaps in this case banning is for the best…

  12. By TheDudeDean on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    @Supernova17 Karim, this is the second time you’ve outed yourself in public about being on Digg. The link above is where I replied to “MarioRocks” asking for Diggs on the stuff YOU Duped and I had first sub on. End of Story.

  13. By TheDoucheDean on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply


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