What Are Your Creative Triggers?

Written on November 3, 2008 – 11:29 pm | by Mark Laymon |

Refresh yourselfWhat triggers do you use to put yourself into a highly creative state of mind?

For this to have its greatest impact I would really like you to stop whatever mindless activity you are thinking of and follow a few simple steps. First stand up and take three deep breaths. Holding each breath for a few seconds will calm your mind. Go ahead and do it now! No one is watching! I would enjoy having your positive attention for a few minutes before you develop your own creative triggers.

Moving on, please start with a fresh beverage of choice. I often find a rich chocolate coffee helps to slow things down, other times cracking open an ice cold coke “in a can” grasps my full attention to the task I have before me. But we’re near the end of 2008, more than likely your beverage of choice happens to be a clear, but simple bottle of water. As long as you begin to relax and focus your mind, you will learn what triggers are best for you. Find your mental escape!

I also like to start my creative process with the use of a location trigger to place myself in to a specific state of mind. You may find that a location may offer you more of a targeted trigger, more so than an object trigger, depending on what you want to convey in your message. Parks are a great source of inspiration that creative people have used for ages. Close your eyes and think of sitting on a deadfall at the edge of a meadow.

What are the sounds you hear as birds sing, the leaves rustle as squirrels fight over the last of your popcorn? What smells trigger your senses? Is it autumn and you sense the first hint of someone’s fireplace? Or is it spring and the musky smell of fresh turned flower beds hover in the air? Do not limit yourself to one location.

Another place I like to go to is my “second office.” It is a picnic bench located at the top of a dune overlooking a public beach. In fact this post was first written on a notepad while the smell of suntan lotion drifts up off the beach below. Take another deep breath and you will also smell the soft smell of coconuts. How long will the smell of suntan lotion now linger in your mind? Use the location triggers as a starting place then let them take you forward.

How does this creative trigger post make sense on a social media blog? Collective-Thoughts have a very broad selection of readers. Many are seasoned content developers creating amazing content on their own, but some are just in the beginning stages of their careers. By looking into how you select your inspiration, it will help to heighten your senses to expand your talents over all of the various aspects of social media. Some triggers will help you to brainstorm for video; while others are better suited to help you facilitate your writing. Some make Stumbling more fun. Anyone play drinking games while Digging?

Now on to the question of the day. Do I add a shot of Patrón XO Cafe into my coffee before I start my next post?

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  1. 6 Responses to “What Are Your Creative Triggers?”

  2. By Kaya Singer on Nov 4, 2008 | Reply

    Although I cannot relate to the coffee part as I am a filtered water girl,I so relate to my office overlooking the ocean. Most of my creative breakthroughs come when I am in nature, near water. I am not living by the sea these days, but a bubbling creek is just as potent and even the sound of the water is a catalyst for new ideas to gush forth from my intuitive brain.

    The main point is to get out of my office and out into nature. It’s essential! I encourage all small business owners to do this regularly if not daily. Don’t say you don’t have time. Just a stop at a park on your way home.

  3. By Marjory on Nov 4, 2008 | Reply

    Nature is a creative trigger for me from an artistic point of view, for sure. For ideas, though, it’s from interaction with others – watching how people react to each other and having fun reacting with them.

  4. By Dennis Edell on Nov 5, 2008 | Reply

    A long drive by the beach…works every time. 😉

  5. By J. D. Ebberly on Dec 3, 2008 | Reply

    I love to read lots of blogs. I have well over 500 blogs in my Google Reader. I love to read blogs. I tend to get inspired by reading hundreds of different blogs, by reading books, watching movies and by nature. Those are MY creative triggers.

  6. By Linda Smith on Dec 10, 2008 | Reply

    I love to see/watch/read the creative efforts of others…this inspires me. Also I get shots of inspiration at the weirdest times – when I’m playing with my parrot, when I’m trying to fall asleep, when I’m on a trip.

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