Social Media Influence is Everywhere…Even White Castle?

Written on February 14, 2008 – 10:45 pm | by Brian Wallace |

These days you can see the effects of social media everywhere – even in places you would least expect it.

Take for instance, the case of White Castle. For anyone that lives outside the USA, White Castle is a fast food hamburger chain – you get the idea.

So for Valentine’s Day White Castle is serving up a special menu with candlelit dining and waiter service – reservations required.

Looks like they actually did this in past years as well:
White Castle Valentine's Day Menu
(image credit:
You might say – well that’s all fine and good, but how is that social media? Simple. It’s content that is inherently viral. People are talking about it, love it or hate it. Certainly learning and understanding social communities are part of the social media experience, without viral content such as this, we’d all just be Twittering back and forth all day. ­čÖé

Don’t believe this is a viral influence? All these other places thought this was good viral content;

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  1. One Response to “Social Media Influence is Everywhere…Even White Castle?”

  2. By diVaBa on Feb 15, 2008 | Reply

    Honestly I don’t understand what is viral about this post.

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