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The 5 Biggest Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Sometimes all it takes is a good idea to make it big….okay, a good idea and a lot of money.  Just ask the creators of websites like Pinterest and Twitter what it took to make these sites what they are today.  This infographic, presented by BestFinanceSchools, takes a look at the 5 Biggest Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012; who they are, what it took to make their sites successful, and more.  Check it out below.

The Top 5 Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012
Image compliments of Best Finance Schools

What Does the Car of Tomorrow Look Like?

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

The cars of today are costly in multiple ways, but the autonomous cars of tomorrow will reduce a large portion of these costs. These cars will account for up to 75 percent of vehicles on the road by the year 2040. With the cars of today, there were 35,000 deaths in the U.S. due to car crashes, which also costs the economy $230 billion every year. Self-driving cars use vehicular communication systems, which are networks that allow vehicles and roadside units to share traffic information with one another. These systems could help avoid up to 81 percent of all traffic accidents. Autonomous braking alone will reduce car crashes by 14 percent. Now, different regions of the country have different traffic laws—self-driving cars are programmed to follow local traffic laws.

The cars of today are very inefficient. Traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy $87.2 billion a year, and 10 percent of police time is spent enforcing traffic laws. As a nation, we waste a whopping 4.2 billion hours sitting in traffic—that’s one work week for every traveler. Self-driving cars can follow each other more closely, increasing existing space on the road. Faster reaction times and a reduction of accidents will, of course, lead to improved intersection efficiency.

Today’s cars harm our precious environment as well. Twenty-two percent of carbon dioxide emissions come from cars and trucks. Since self-driving cars are about the quarter of the size of today’s cars, they will reduce fuel emissions by 56 percent.

By the year 2050, there will be an estimated 44 million people over the age of 75—self-driving cars will provide mobility for those who have difficulty driving safely.

Do you plan on buying one of these cars of tomorrow? Please share and check out the infographic below presented by InsuranceQuotes to learn more about the self-driving car of tomorrow!

Facebook Privacy Fail

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Oh Facebook, the social media site we love to hate. Facebook has had its fair share of fails over the years, but many of them have been about privacy.

Check out the infographic below presented by to learn about Facebook’s top privacy fails over the years.

The State of Infographics [Infographic]

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Have you ever finished reading something and realized you didn’t really remember any of what you just read?  Sometimes when information is presented solely in a textual format we have problems retaining the information.

Luckily, for people like us, infographics exist. Infographics provide a visual representation of information, data or knowledge.  By presenting information this way, you’re more likely to remember what you saw.  For this reason, and many others, infographics are steadily growing in popularity and have become a wonderful marketing tool.

Check out this infographic from TopMarketingSchools as it looks at some of the topics, trends and numbers behind recent infographics.

State of Infographics
Image compliments of Top Marketing Schools

Advertiser’s Guide to Mobile

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Mobility is everything these days. If you can’t find it on your smartphone, well then, what’s the point? Everyone is always searching on their mobile devices, whether it be for the nearest restaurant or looking for a coupon for a purchase they are about to make.

Therefore, with mobile search on the rise, advertisers are trying to get in on the game. Mobile advertising is definitely present, but is it as good as it could be? This infographic presented by Startapp provides an advertiser’s guide to mobile as well as the top three mobile searches. Check it out below to learn more.

Start Your Engines: It’s Startup Time in America

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Many people are skeptical about starting their own business, especially in this economy. However, now is probably the best time to do so. There is less competition, office space costs are low, and you’ll have a head start on gains once the economy turns around.

Check out the infographic below presented by ProfitBricks to learn more about why now is the best time to start your own business.

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