Happy Apping [Infographic]

Written on November 21, 2012 – 3:09 pm | by Brian Wallace |

It takes a lot to get an app off the ground, let alone reach the Level of Angry Birds. Luckily there is a process to making it work, the best practices to achieve maximum exposure for your app.Among the pit of a half a million Android apps, yours can easily get lost with the ebb and the flow of the 100 that get added to the market everyday

Our love affair with apps is steadily growing as apps are being made for anything and everything. Need to find the closest sweater store? There’s an app for that. Duck out of the eyeline of an ex? There is an app for that. It;s come to a point where we’ll give anything a chance, but just one. First and foremost, make a good first impression, make sure it works (obviously) without any crashes, and even consider to pay extra to be preloaded onto a device. Think globally; American’s aren’t the only ones who love launching birds into pigs’ ramshackle hostage houses, so don’t put all your eggs in that basket (pun intended).

And remember, if you work hard and create a worthwhile app, the masses will follow. Keep it updated, and keep improving. Happy apping, everyone.


Achieve Maximum Android App Exposure [Infographic]
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