Counseling Careers: Which Path Is Best For You? [Infographic]

Written on October 22, 2012 – 4:11 pm | by Brian Wallace |

Getting a job in this economy can be a challenging task.  Even though some jobs are in high demand, they typically require you to have a greater skill level and to have obtained a Masters degree at minimum.  This isn’t true for all jobs of course, but studies show that there is a direct correlation between education level and income.  So what does this correlation mean for those interested in pursuing counseling? Research shows that school and career counselors require a masters degree to practice and make on average $53,380 annually, while substance & behavioral disorder counselors only require a high school diploma and make $38,120.  That’s over fifteen thousand dollars a year difference!

Differences in counseling professions continue even further than skill level and income. There are many different fields of specialty to choose from due to an increase of interest in traditional counseling and other counseling-style programs.  From Freudian psychotherapy to group talk-therapy sessions, people are interested in getting help and counselors want to give it.   But, as a future counselor, which path are you going to take?

This infographic from Best Masters In Counseling shows the various counseling possibilities and helps to guide you (much like a good counselor) to make the best decision. Check it out!


Which Counseling Career Path is Best for You?t
Image compliments of Best Masters in Counseling

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